05 July 2012

A real firecracker.

The 4th of July is, ya know, America's Independence Day.
{seriously, we can't just pick an honorary day so we get a long weekend?! dammit}
But it's also my mom's birthday!

And this year, she turned 50.
Naturally, we had to give her a huge suprise party :)

mom & my youngest brother (who is also the tallest!)

mom and her epic birthday cake.
And, because this is now my mom's catch-phrase:

Hope everyone had an awesome 4th!
Or an awesome day, if you're not American and didn't celebrate our independence.


Jana Faith said...

Happy 50th to your dear mama and I LOVE Sally O'Malley! I was just doing an impression of her yesterday. <3 it!

Ashley Slater said...

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I went to reply to it but your email is set to "noreply" so I couldn't! anyways, thanks again, you are a doll!