13 July 2012

dear friday...

dear mama mary: congratulations on your new baby girl!  i can't wait til I get to meet her in person. she's perfect. dear fiance: thank you for making me watch the Niagara Falls episode of The Office with you last night. not like you had to twist my arm but...it made me even more excited for our own Niagara Falls wedding! i can't wait to be yours for-like-evah.  dear sister: i can't wait for tonight! is it totally dorky to be that excited about scrapbooking class?  dear wedding venue lady: please hurry up and email me soon! i really want to get that contract signed so we can have our wedding with you! dear walmart: your photo department should be open 24 hours a day like the rest of you so i can print out pictures whenever it crosses my mind! dear tj maxx: thanks for helping me find the cutest gifts for a certain someone, and for having essie nail polish for $3.99! win win win!  dear charlie sheen: thank you for giving me reasons to use the phrase "win" or "winning" in my every day vernacular.  dear followers: thank you for being awesome!

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