29 July 2012

Something a little different.

I found this blog challenge a little while ago on my bloggy friend Elyse's blog.
I liked the idea, but didn't really feel like keeping up with it.
But, I've been so busy in the last couple weeks with wedding stuff (yeah, my wedding is next May, but we found out some things that we thought we had settled...weren't so much), I haven't been blogging much.  And this is the perfect excuse to do it daily :)

So, for number one...an introduction!

Hi.  I'm Traci.
I started this blog (my third, btw) because...I felt like it.  I've always written stuff down, usually in a journal, and when I found blogging, I just started to absolutely LOVE it.
My old blogs weren't anything special - one was created specifically for my Etsy shop (and was really boring), and the other one was more like this, but the name didn't flow well.
So I became Rose & Lou.

Now, you'll notice that my name isn't Rose.  Also, my fiance's name isn't Lou.
And now you may be wondering, "well what's with Rose & Lou then??"
Rose & Lou is named after both of my grandmothers.  (My mom's mom and my dad's mom).
My mom's mom's name is Rose, my dad's mom's name was Nancy (but her middle name was Lou!).   I loved how Rose and Lou sounded together, so I decided to make it my blog name :)

I'm not so great at writing introductions...I never know what to say!
But stay tuned for the next challenge - 20 facts about me!

{from Elyse's blog}

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