30 July 2012

20 Facts.

Continuing with this challenge, today is for 20 facts about me.

1: I absolutely abhor being late for anything.  It seriously messes with my whole day, and I end up freaking out for the rest of the day because of the beginning of it.

2: I am the oldest of five siblings.  I have two younger sisters, and two younger brothers.

3: I proposed to my fiance.  Our proposal story is me acting spontaneously, and it worked out perfectly.

4:  I have a lot of irrational fears.  Seriously horrible phobias.  I'm a freak.

5: I have milked a cow before.  (with a milk machine. still counts.)

6: Speaking of which, I hate milk.  I'll only drink it with oreos, or on cereal.

7: I have a compulsive shopping problem.

8: I'm a Virgo.  According to The Waterboy, this means I dislike confrontations.  This is correct.

9: I have a thing for old Elvis movies.  Especially Blue Hawaii.

10: I believe Elf is more than just a Christmas movie.  Really, if you watch it, there are so many good messages that come through.  Everyone should smile more often, and treat every day like Christmas.

11:  Did I mention, Christmas is my favorite holiday?

12: My biggest celeb crush is on Sir Patrick Stewart.
13: I know all the words to all the Harry Potter films.  Also, Anchorman, Adventures in Babysitting, and the Die Hard films.  Oh, and Tommy Boy.

14:  I am slightly obsessed with The Walking Dead. Both the television series, and the comic books.

15: I completely hate the Twilight series...yet have read the books multiple times, and own all the movies.  It's a love/hate thing.  The story is so lame...but ah, that Jacob saves everything.

16:  I am a certified scuba diver (or used to be...i think that expires).  I am afraid of deep water, and am a poor swimmer.  Go figure.

17:  Autumn is my favorite season.

18: I'm pretty sure I know more about sports (all of them) than my fiance.  I'm pretty okay with that.

19:  I love the show Friends more than anyone probably should.  Though I might be tied with my sister on that...

20:  I am beyond grateful every day for my family, my friends, and my fiance.  They have helped shaped me into the person I am today.  I could not survive without their love and support.

Stay tuned for the meaning of my business name!!
(might be the shortest post ever, but I'll add some cute pictures.)

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