04 August 2012

a trade show is a trade show is a trade show

Since my parents own their own business, I've had the pleasure privilege honor duty of attending a trade show more than once.  I assumed a Tattoo Convention would be different than what I'd seen.  But as I should have learned from attending craft fairs and such...they're all pretty much the same thing.  Everyone's there to sell a product.  Always.

As evidenced when attending the overpriced tattoo convention in Niagara Falls last night, I learned a few things:

1: There are a lot of ridiculously talented artists out there.  I wish I had enough money with me to buy it all!
2: Aforementioned artists?  Totally pretentious.  Not all of them, but enough to make me wonder why I should be the one who feels honored to be graced with your presence.  Seriously.  You should be honored that I think your gross zombie drawing is cool.  (ya know, that pretentiousness might be an artist in general thing...my fiance has a lot of artistically talented friends, and a lot of them have that holier than thou vibe.  it always makes me feel like there's some club i'm left out of...weird.)  (and really i should amend that to hipster thing.  yeah)
 3:  People who think their tattoos are better/cooler/realer than yours will give you dirty looks when you walk past them.
4: Creepy managers at Fridays will engage you in a conversation about tattoos for several uncomfortable minutes while you're trying to eat.

Anyway, considering how bored we ended up at an event we assumed would kick ass, we just straight up headed to the falls.

  (because I'm obsessed with photo editing lately, these are both edited in Photoshop Elements 10, and using Adrienne Looman textures.)

How's your weekend so far?

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Mia said...

"realer" I love it, it's so true. I don't have any tattoos but I know exactly what you are talking about... definitely an artist hipster thing, and I am not in the club either :p