05 August 2012

It's almost my BIRTHDAY!

Yup yup yup!
(Only you gotta picture Ducky from The Land Before Time saying it).
 (Seriously?  You're not fluent in Land Before Time?)
(Just go buy it.  It has dinosaurs so it's cool. Promise.)

Yes, indeed, my birthday draws near.
On August 30th, I shall turn 26 years of age.
(This does not make me a mature adult, just so ya know.)

yes, that is me with a huge santa beard and the creepiest "smile" ever.

And in celebration
(and also because I need to clear out my shop of summer stuff so I have a reason to make fall stuff)
I am having a sale in my Etsy shop!
That's right, a sale.  A 20% off sale (which is pretty darn great!)
Just use coupon code BIRTHDAY20 to get the savings :)
So you could get these:




Ok so this is turning into a really long post but there are a few other things to talk about, so bear with me!
First, I also changed the look of my Etsy shop LolitaRose.  I really simplified the banner because I'm loving the simple look of typography lately, and I added the shop about page.  And biggest of all, my shop now accepts credit card payments directly through the site! No need to bother with Paypal :)
Second, I know I've been slacking on that blog challenge, but I have some posts lined up for this week that should be fairly entertaining.
Third, thank you to everyone who actually reads my crazy little ramblings here. I love you all.

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