02 August 2012

Gay Marriage?

Well, since everyone and their mother is up in arms about this Chik-Fil-A nonsense... I feel like it's finally time I open my mouth instead of being afraid to alienate my more religious friends & followers.

So without further ado...
I believe in LOVE.
I believe in meeting a person, falling in love with them, finding your soulmate (or lobster as I prefer to think of it), and getting the opportunity to spend your lives together.  Through good stuff, and bad.  

I’ve heard/read a lot of things people say about this country (USA) being founded on Christian values, and our motto is “In God We Trust”…and that the bible says it’s [gay marriage/being gay in general] wrong, so it’s wrong.
   Here’s the thing:
Our country (and by this, I mean the USA) WASN’T founded solely on Christian values (despite the Puritans and other Christian sects who settled here).  It was founded (partially) for those with different religious backgrounds to have a safe place to worship, with freedom from persecution for their beliefs.  Hell, “In God We Trust” wasn’t even on our coin money until 1864, and not on paper money until 1957.  Yes, that’s right.  1957.  In 1956 it was adopted as our national motto instead of/in addition to E pluribis unum.  So what does that tell you?  A bunch of people afraid of communism changed the entire attitude of our country.


Not saying the country wasn’t messed up as it was (I mean the Civil Rights Movement wouldn't have been necessary if it wasn't), but the way I see it?  Keeping certain people from being allowed certain privileges based on who they love, isn’t any better than having separate drinking fountains and bathrooms.

These beliefs are the same beliefs that continue to garner hatred towards Muslims after 9/11, when the majority of people who practice Islam aren’t interested in terrorism at all.  The same ignorance that continues to breed racism and hatred.

Throughout history, people have used religion (be it Islam, Christianity, Satanism...whatever) as an excuse to act upon their hatred for those who are different than they are.  What is the gay marriage debate, if not another excuse to act on one's hatred for those who are different from themselves?

I do not expect everyone to share these views.  I do not care if you feel differently than I do.
I care about a country denying its citizens of basic rights.

I support love.
I support family.
I support, with my whole heart, marriage equality.


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