05 August 2012

Sunday Social

Lord knows I LOVE to talk about myself, so when any kind of linkup involving questions comes up, well...heck yes I'm gonna do it!  I found this via Natalie Blair's blog, because I love reading everything she posts.
1. What is your favorite Fall activity?
I love carving pumpkins, and baking!  (baking is definitely a fall activity, because it's so darn hot in my house over the summer...and i love to bake) Although since my fiance moved in with me, we've started a new tradition in fall of making pepper jelly! And that is definitely one of my favorite activities too :)
2. Do you follow a football team? if so which one and why?
Buffalo Bills!!  Hometown, represent.  Of course we still live here, so chances of changing our favorite football team is never gonna happen.  Every year we start out with high hopes...only to have them dashed every time the playoffs come around. ugh.

the only game we've been to together...it was december, and raining. look how close we were to the field though! win!
3. What is something fun about Fall in your area?
The first weekend of October every year, there is an awesome Oktober Fest in Ellicottville. Delicious food, fun vendors, and even better BEER!!
4. Fav Fall outfit staples?
Simply fall

H M jumper sweater
$20 - hm.com

BKE fitted jeans

H M leather sneaker
$23 - hm.com

Grey handbag

5. Thing you are looking forward to most about this coming Fall season?
My sister is having a baby in September (or the end of August), and I cannot WAIT to meet my new nephew!
6. Favorite Fall holiday? Traditions?
I really LOVE Thanksgiving.  And this year will be my first time with my fiance and I HOSTING Thanksgiving at our little house!  Eeep.  I can't wait :)

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