17 October 2012

I hate it when...

Just found this funny link up here, and I figured I'd have to chime in, cuz I love her blog and thought it'd be fun :)

I hate it when...

...I accidentally set the alarm for PM instead of AM, and then wake up late and have to scramble to get ready in a rush.

...I am about to use up the last of my precious and discontinued (damn you Avon) hand cream, only to squirt half of what's left on my chest somehow.  Seriously, how does that happen?

...I can't remember where my keys are, and have searched frantically through my purse twenty times...only to find them. In. My. Purse.

...I spend hours cleaning the whole living room and putting my fiance's stuff into specific bins so it'll be easier for him to put away properly...only to have him open the bins and spread the stuff all around the living room again! (I know you're reading this - I'm talking about your darn Heroclix!! haha)

...I have finished eating my lunch and am still hungry, but have no dollars or change to buy food from the vending machines.

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Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

yay love it! And I added your link to the link up for you! hope you don't mind! And I know exactly what you mean about cleaning up after your man! ugh drives me crazy! :)