16 October 2012

i am not a minimalist.

In fact, I might be the polar opposite.
An obsessive and slightly materialistic person, really.

I have a tendency to manifest this materialism {if that's not a word it should be} in my ability to buy myself {and others} the best, nicest, biggest brand etc of whatever item it is I happen to buy.  Including clothes, electronics, even cleaning products and toiletries.  Yes, I only buy Dawn dish soap {hey, they help clean up animals hurt in oil spills!}, and absolutely have to buy Swiffer dusters.
Do I need bath soaps and body lotions that cost $10, $20...$50??  Yes. Yes indeedy I do.

With my ability to shop for the best deal {you guys, I can find legit Coach and Dooney & Bourke for like $10. brand new. no joke.} and my tendencies toward {hoarding} being a bit of a pack rat, my house is a wee bit cluttered.  All of this is ok.  I have found that FlyLady website {best internet find to date}, so I'm able to carefully go through my belongings and de-stash the many things I no longer need, want, or use.

My most wonderful fiance...is also not a minimalist.  Also a bit of a pack rat.  Feeling the need to cling on to any and everything that may at some point prove useful.
He gets this from his father, as I get it from mine.
{when we helped his father to move into his new home, we discovered he owns 13 chainsaws. over 30 coleman lanterns. 6 boat motors. countless childhood memorabilia from my fiance's childhood. a record collection any hipster would be thrilled to own.  and cases of...projector porn. no joke. we have it now. legit.}
So clearly, some stuff is going to need to go out of our house before we can even begin to register for wedding gifts.  In preparation for this, I have begun to clear out everything {yeah i know i said it already} including at least three garbage bags full of clothing that got sent off to the Salvation Army store.
My fiance got rid of...4 shirts.
He keeps his clothes in a spare bedroom, and his shirts are on a double wardrobe rack {like a double sided clothes rack in a store, but shorter}.  Yesterday, after coming out of the shower, we realized...the whole rack collapsed.  Yes, my fiance has enough clothing {these were only shirts!!!!!} to break a clothes rack.

We might need some help de-stashing.

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Mia said...

lol this is awesome. I hear ya, I get it from my dad too, let's hope that the dads never shall meet :p