21 October 2012

Sometimes The Beatles have the best advice.

So, I've posted before about how messed up 2012 has been.
But a lot of good stuff happened too.
{like getting engaged and becoming an aunt!}

But this summer, just seriously SUCKED.
I am not a huge fan of ridiculously hot weather anyway, so the abnormally high temps were already a bad sign.  Then, I got to find out what it's like to be the primary money maker of a household.  All while dealing with more frequent migraines.
{news flash: my migraines have a tendency to be stress related.  being stressed about money = headaches = missing work = less money = more stress = more headaches. no. bueno.}

I was seriously miserable, all the time.  I didn't feel like hanging out with my fiance (who i resented at that point...as i figured he'd at least step up and do some housework being at home all day, but instead slept all day and spent all night going out and about and having fun, while i got the brunt of everything else.), I didn't want to see my soon to be stepdaughter (again, resentment, because i always felt like i had to constantly step up to the plate to fill in when my fiance had to sleep late from working at the bar his one night a week), I just didn't want to do anything. With anyone. Ever.

And there was fighting.  Lots of it.  And frustrations.  And times where I just wanted to curl up in bed and not get up.  And times where I just wanted to be done with the whole relationship because it was too stinkin' hard.  

But that's not what love is about.
Love means you're there, even when the going gets tough.
Love means you can scream and fight all day long, but you're still going to be there the next day.
Love means helping the people you love when they're going through a hard time, not giving up because it's too hard for you to deal with.
Love means everything.

And I've loved my fiance for longer than I can even remember.
We've been through a lot in the time we've been together, and shared so much of our lives in friendship before that even.  Sometimes, love is about sacrifice.

At the end of the day, even though sometimes things are really shitty, and we might not always have enough money to go to dinner or a movie or whatever...or the house might be a bit cluttered...or I may or may not be a little bit bigger than I was before...
We have love.

And sometimes love is really all you need.

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Anonymous said...

You got that right! Love IS all you need ;)