15 October 2012

things you should know about me.

I am obsessed with The Walking Dead.
Yes, the comics & the show.
(also, some guy yelled at me at Barnes & Noble one day about this. well, not yelled. schooled me really.  as i was referring to the comic collections as "graphic novels" when i knew i should have been saying "trade paperbacks". one is a separate story, one is a collection of previously printed comics.  yes i know this. yes i am a nerd. whatev.)
I have a window cling poster of Rick Grimes pointing his pistol at whoever is looking at the poster.
It is in my front window.
Thus I see it every time I walk onto the porch.
Clearly, being the person who went to the trouble of stealing getting the comic shop guy to give me the poster, and affixing said poster to my window, I should know it's there, yes?

This does not prevent me from being freaked out by "the weird guy in my living room" on a semi-daily basis.

Also, can't they just kill off Laurie already?  Sheeeesh.

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