10 October 2012

why halloween is stupid.

-it turns little children into beggars.
-you have to buy candy to give to the miniature beggars.
-upon buying the candy, you realize how cheap it is and decide to buy some for yourself.
-no little beggars come to your house.
-you now have ten pounds of candy.
-you eat it.
-you get fat.

-also, CLOWNS.

the end.


SimplyHeather said...

Haha! So true.

xo, Heather

Anonymous said...

LMAO! I love Halloween ONLY for the scary movies and decor ;) LOL

Traci Aerykssen said...

Is it bad that I shut off all the lights every year and pretend not to be home so I can keep the candy? I'm evil...

Mia said...

I have the perfect solution!! I now give out glow sticks... the kids think it is freakin' awesome, I make sure the princesses get pink and... the mom's are happy because (1) less candy and (2) glowing kids are safer kids... and I love it because glow sticks don't expire so if there's no little begging children I have next year's Halloween bowl already filled and I haven't eaten 3 bags of snickers or the milky way :) (the michaels and dollar trees here have them 15 for $1!)