28 November 2012

Advent Calendars...

Or in my household
{because for some reason the mention of religion sends my fiance into fits of the vapors}
Christmas Countdown Calendars.

I love these things.  I don't know why.
We NEVER had them when I was growing up.
{lack of religious upbringing = no need for an advent calendar}
But I always liked the idea, and have loved some of the handmade alternatives to the cheesy chocolate ones you can find at the dollar store.

This year, I made my own.

yes, this is my inexplicable fake brick wall. my cool antique ornaments, passed down for generations.  a few in my collection of Santas. and a mini nativity scene thing...well, it's just Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus...and the Star.  And the suhweet Christmas Countdown calendar I made!
My "advent" calendar was made from a kit from Close to my Heart.

Via the magic of Pintrest, I have found a TON of other cool handmade Advent calendar ideas.
My favorite ones all have something different than chocolate:
Slips of paper with special holiday activities!
Such a cute idea, especially because a lot of the time we spend more time worrying through the holidays, than taking time to enjoy them and remember why we're celebrating.

What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions/decorations?

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Sarah Kil said...

Wow! You made that? That is awesome! I just twittered I needed a tutorial for my classrom. Want to start that tradition with my kids as well :D

Lindsay said...

This is very cool! I'm impressed!!!

Beth W said...

I love it! That's adorable. :D

I loved advent calendars when I was a kid, but getting something non-edible sounds like much more fun than the usual low-quality milk chocolate. :)