05 December 2012

A winner, some random stuff, and such.

Well let's begin at the beginning, shall we?
Guess who won the $25 credit to my shop, LolitaRose?
Sarah from Loveee, Sarah!

Secondly, I finally got a smartphone!
An iPhone to be specific.
I'm finally as cool as my mom {who's had one since the first gen...i think} and every 17 year old girl I know.

of course this means that...
I now have an Instagram, as well as a Twitter :)
Well I already told you guys I'm on Twitter.  But whatever, now there's easy access. Whoooop!

C, I got my free glasses from Firmoo today.

Four, I took a picture of my 12 Days of Christmas swap package that I shipped yesterday, and wanted to share it because it looks so darn purty.

Finally, and most importantly, I don't know how many of you are familiar with MamaLaughlin's blog.
She's pretty fantastic for a lot of reasons, but this month in particular she's melting my heart.
See, she and a couple other awesome bloggers have started this Pay it Forward Christmas thing, and people from all over have submitted stories of people and families who need help this season.  Some are just asking for prayers, some need a little more than that.
 This story in particular touched my heart:

"My name is Emily and I am writing about my sister Sarah. 
My sister had her 3rd child, a boy, delivered a month early in November of 2011.  He was born in renal (kidney) failure.  
Over the last year (365 days) he has been in the hospital 108 days and had over 12 surgeries.  Most recently they deemed him unable to receive dialysis so we now wait for him to hopefully grow big enough to receive a kidney transplant. 
My sister lives in Des Moines, IA and my nephew Teddy has been treated all this time in Iowa City, over 2 hours away.  Our parents have both passed away so being alone during all this (I’m 4+ hours away) has been a struggle I wouldn’t wish on anyone. 
I know there are people everywhere with sick children but my sister has been the strongest advocate for her little man over the last year. Everything else in her life has had to fall by the wayside.  Her two other kids (4, 8) have been apart from their mom for so many days that my niece (4) now plays with her dolls and pretends they “reuniting” with their mommy while playing.  That’s all she’s done the last year is be apart and then reunite with her mommy. 
{Here} is my sister’s blog. She is an amazingly eloquent writer and while she wants really only prayers to fix her son, I would do anything to give her a smile on her face or on the faces of my niece and nephews.  I don’t have a specific wish for her, but something to brighten their days would be a huge blessing."

Please take five minutes to check out her site, and see what she's doing, and see if there is anyone you want to help this holiday season.

Keep tuned in to check out my second giveaway of December, and to check out some cool DIY gift ideas!!


Sarah Kil said...

omg!!!! did i seriously win???? :)

Beth W said...

The package looks so pretty!! I can't wait to admire it in person. :)

I'm so sorry about your nephew. :(