12 November 2012

being thankful...{9,10,11,12}

Clearly, I'm awesome at sticking to goals.
"I shall write a new blog post daily!"
Yes, that has obviously happened...
Obviously I've been vacant a few days.

Today, I discovered a website called Makes Me Think.
I've browsed through some of the entries for the last little while, and I feel like sharing some of them better expresses my thankfulness than anything I could write right now.


-Today, I interviewed a woman who is terminally ill. "So," I tried to delicately ask, "What is it like to wake up every morning and know that you are dying?"  "Well," she responded, "What is it like to wake up every morning and pretend that you are not?" MMT

-Today, I was working in a coffee shop when two gay men walked in holding hands.  As you might expect, heads started turning.  Then a young girl at a table next to me asked her mom why the men were holding hands.  Her mom replied "Because they love each other." MMT

-Today I waited on an elderly woman at the local restaurant where I work.  She left me a $90 tip on a $10 tab with a handwritten note that said "I'm 86 and can't take this with me.  So please spoil yourself with it." MMT

-Today, my 21 year old son's band alternative rock band recieved a record deal from a major record label.  I spent the last five years trying to convince him that college was the smarter way to go.  But he stood his ground and pursued his dream.  And now he's living it.  MMT

-Today I saw a pretty scary looking guy who had a tall blue mohawk and tattoos and piercings all over his body.  He was helping my elderly neighbor take her trash down to the curb.  My neighbor told me afterwards that he was just walking by and offered to help. MMT

-Today I asked my six year old son what he wants to be when he grows up.  He said "Mommy, all I want is to be happy."  MMT

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Traci said...

This post totally made my day. Perspective. That's all we need sometimes. Oh, and love of course. ;)