13 November 2012


Ok, technically this is still thirty days of thankfulness.
Who am I kidding?  I never write stuff down every day.  These things need to be thought out before I write it down.  Thus, you shall now be regaled with some awesomeness I've discovered instead.

What awesomeness?
Have you ever participated in these things??
They pretty much rock, excepting in the instance when I definitely did NOT get something that was even remotely something I'd like, have a need for, or use (despite making sure the person knew my tastes...it was sheer laziness on their part. LAME)

The latest awesomeness?

And ya'll should know by now how I love me some Christmas.  Amiright???  Right.

I am pretty excited especially to have found this swap because...
of that one episode of the Office when Andy gets Erin for his Secret Santa partner and decides to send her the twelve days of Christmas...
And pretty much the first half is birds.
Hilarity ensues.
And then he's totes adorbz with the twelve drummers drumming and awwwwz.

Anyway, have a peek over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps and find out if you'd be interested or not.
You might get paired with me!
{and let's face it...I'm uh maze ingggg}



Sarah Kil said...

Another SWAP! :D Girl you are too crazy!! You are rubbing off on me! As soon as I press send to comment here, I will be heading over to this Christmas swap and checking it out :P

Kelly Ann said...

So exciting, I am doing it too! I am now following you!

Sparkles and Shoes
My 300 Follower Giveaway!

Beth W said...

We'll make sure you get an awesome swapper for this one, no worries (and we love connecting with other awesome swappers....thanks for signing up!)