17 November 2012

{coffee mug swap reveal}

So I think we can safely assume ya'll know how fairly obsessed I am with swaps, yes?
Well I found a really amazeballs one over on Nat's blog.
A coffee mug swap.

Say what?!?!?
I friggin' love mugs!
I buy one like every time I go to the store.
So, I needed to participate in this.

My partner is Sarah.
Not to brag or anything, but she's one of the most awesome people I've ever met.
{ok, she lives far away and we haven't actually "met" but you get my gist, yeah?}
She is absolutely amazing. Funny and smart and just awesome.
Seriously.  Go check out her blog immediately.
GO.  I'll wait.

Welcome back :)
So the lovely Sarah totally knocked this shizz outta the ballpark on this.
I cannot believe how awesome everything is.
And I am seriously in awe.

1 - A ridiculously beautiful mug with my initial on it!
2 - Chocolate mint tea.  What?!??!!?  AMAZING.
3 - Hot cocoa mixes.  I LOVE me some hot cocoa.
4 - A lovely card and letter. <3
5 - Candy cane Hershey's kisses {that you can't see because I hid them in the mug. They will be devoured shortly.}
6 - nail polishes! one of my favorite brands too! {these were totally unexpected and completely awesome. I change my nail polish constantly.}

Sarah, thank you so much!
I cannot even explain how excited I was for everything.  It has been SO much fun getting to know you, and I know this is the beginning of a great friendship!


Sarah Kil said...

Traci!! So glad and relieved you love everything!! :) I'm also so glad the mug was shipped in one piece! Good news... As I was pulling up to my house, I noticed the mailman delivering things, but he was still in the front of the boxes and ours is in the back...So I'm going to back there and check for your package!:D LALALALALA! You're AWESOME!

Natalie said...

OMG that is so sweet! She got that mug from Anthropologie! I have one too!!

You got a bunch of awesome loot too!! Great job! And I am so glad you met a friend!!

Beth W said...

Wowza- great swap! I love the mug (and that's one of my favorite teas! Yay!)
I'm glad ya got a great partner. :D