18 November 2012

some more stuff I'm thankful for.

Exhibit A - My Mama.
Affectionately known as "Ma, Mama, MUM, Mommy, mummy, mahmah, MOM!"
Also, Cheryl when the above names fail to gain a response.
{apparently birthing five children means you forget your name is MOM sometimes!!!! hah}

my ma is the one in front totally blocking my face and kissing my sistah on the forehead.

Exhibit B - My dad.
Also known as "pops, daddy-o"
And sometimes Thor, though only to our friends that are terrified of him.
Also, I am a bit more than convinced that he is in fact a secret agent of some kind.

obviously the gentleman behind me with his tongue sticking out is my father.


Also, I started a twitter.
Apparently I am now a Twit.

{see what i did there?}
follow me if ya wanna:


Kelly Ann said...

I am thankful for my parents as well!

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Sarah Kil said...

I'm still debating about twitter. I shut it down twice in the past because of spam... blah! But excited for you that you're now a "twit"