21 November 2012

know what i'm doing right now???

Filling my face.
Hell to the yeah last-day-of-work-before-Thanksgiving-4-day-weekend-break Potluck.

Know what this means?
The holidays are upon us.

By holidays, I of course mean the excuses I have to eat any and everything in my sight...

Did I tell you guys that when I picked up my wedding dress in October, that I tried on and ordered in August...the boobs barely zipped in?
Ummmm yeah.

Basically, mama's gotta watch herself.

But ya know what?
I'll stuff myself for the next four days.
And then eat rabbit food til Christmas.
And then...fingers crossed...
Keep bustin' my arse to keep at the same size til February when I have my first dress fitting.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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