14 November 2012


Ok. I kind of fell off my own bandwagon.

Clearly I am horrible at remembering things to be thankful for.
{guess who's a huge grinch in real life? this girl. sorry. i hate everything. especially mornings. like realllly really hate morning.  it's just so...early.  and then i'm getting to work when it's like dark...and coming home when it's like dark...boo. boo boo boo. not bueno.}

However, a brief chat with my mother this morning reminded me...that I forgot to tell you how thankful and grateful I am for my brothers.
Yup, I have two of them.
They're both {much} younger than me. Well, six and nine years younger. I love them. They're my baby boys. And probably always will be, even when we're all old and those mofos have to wear depends.  Seriously.

This is me (in the middle) with all my siblings.  The one who's face you can barely see is my sister Kelli.  Then Nanci's the blonde next to me.  The adorable young man at the bottom is my youngest brother Hawk (no lying, his ACTUAL name), and the other goofball is my bro Josh.  LOVE these guys. SO much.
The story that made me remember how much I love my brothers?
{yeah, as though I actually forget that...}

"So did you know about the time Hawk punched Jody in the face?"
{Jody being my sister Kelli's husband}
"Haha I totally forgot about that!"
"Yeah, it was back when your sister was still in high school and they had been fighting so Kelli was crying, and somehow Hawk ran into him when he got dropped off for football practice and punched him right in the face!  The kid was nine years old!  I asked him why he did it and he said 'Well he hurt my sister, so I hurt him!' "

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Traci said...

Hawk is a great name.... Also sounds like he was named right! ;)