12 December 2012

Instagram makes my life seem so cool.

Really, I'm not a very exciting person.

I can usually be found at home on the couch, or making crafty things, or at work.
Or shopping.

But, now that I have an iPhone. Finally. I have become instantly addicted to Instagram.

And it makes my life seem so much cooler than it is.
Or, am I just getting out more now that I have a cool phone with which to share pictures that no one really needs to see anyway?
I may never know...

making peanut blossoms with my love. yummm.

homemade pizzas for my cousin's 6th birthday. my family rocks.

how cute is this hair??  sock bun. hairband from knotieties. bow earrings from sassysteals.

monday night bowling. yeah, that's me with an 84. represent.

delicious iced peppermint mocha from mcd's.  and my amazing betsey johnson bag.  got it @ marshalls.

feeling pretty today


Jana said...

Fun pictures! Instagram totally makes life look better/more fun/prettier than it usually is. I love it! :)

Ashley McGee Flores said...

Pizza looked friggin amazing! lol. #innerfatkid

Ashley Flores

Karla said...

Love this!
I actually posted a video today about how instagram makes things look cool. It's hilarious.
I'm completely addicted as well! =)

Kate @ DCL said...

homemade pizza is the best!

Amanda said...

Oh my word peanut butter blossoms are kind of the best thing ever! They are ridiculously yummy!