07 December 2012

The ribbon on my wrist says "do not open before Christmas"...

Not really sure why the only thing on my mind right now is Fall Out Boy lyrics, but whatever.
I'm down with the 2000's.  Bring it.

our pretty little christmas tree.  & pretty Merry Christmas banner too!

dear mom: thank you for making this the best december everrr! i am so excited about ferdinand and so excited about our new iPhones. love you forever.

dear headache: please don’t turn into a migraine! i know you were nice enough to go away yesterday for me, please do the same today!

dear diet dr pepper: you suck. a lot. like really really bad. why did I decide today is the day to skimp on calories???

dear recent followers: yay and welcome!! 

dear fianc√©: sorry sometimes i’m straight up bat crap crazy. thank you for loving me anyway.

dear pizza placed that shall remain nameless:  seriously? is it that hard to NOT put mayo on a sub?? super awesome that i paid $8 for a sub i can't even eat now...and can't do anything about because lunch is over. thanks.



Sarah Kil said...

Oh man do you get migraines too? I can always feel when it gets worse and I have to take an exedrin before it gets worse. Hope it goes away!!! :D

ChatterBlossom said...

Sorry about the headache. Those are the worst!
Found you through the giveaway.
Your newest follower,