06 December 2012

Coffeeeeeee Talkie.

{I've been slacking in the linkup department lately.
I know, I know.
And I love this one because the questions are always so fun, but man I suck at answering them lately.}

Answering this week's Coffee Talk questions with Nat.
All about the couples:
1. How did you meet your partner?
Well, I met my man {Weston} when I was a freshman in high school.  There was this guy I had a crush on, thanks to ripped abs and long hair, and Weston was that guy's friend.  Oh, and West's high school girlfriend rode my school bus, so I used to write bus passes for him {yes mama nise I totally forged your name...sorry!} so I could flirt with him on the ride home.

2. How did you feel about your partner when you first met them?
Well after I got over my crush on his friend {who I ended up dating for nine months, he really is a great guy} I had an even bigger crush on him. And then he finally started dating me for a minute...and then we broke up because his ex was pregnant...well he broke up with her when she was pregnant to date me and actually broke up with me because I wouldn't put out {way to go fifteen year old me! keep them legs closed gurl} and I am a horrible person for dating a guy with a pregnant girlfriend but...I had NO idea she was pregnant at that time!  I was fifteen, I just thought she was getting fat! LMAO

3. Where was your first date taken place?
I guess our first "date" in high school was me coming to his house after school to hangout...unless skipping classes and making out all over the entire school counts haha.  Our first "date" for our grown up relationship wasn't much better...it was a drunk hookup.  But look at how great we turned out, huh?  :)

4. Where do you see y'all in 5 years?
Married.  Happy as a duck in water.  Hopefully with no kids on the way because my sister was much too graphic in describing pregnancy so now I'm totally terrified of ever having children! haha!!

5. Show a picture of you and your partner!
How about a bunch?


Nat said...

You guys seriously make a cute ass couple!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

You two are so cute together. Love that you have so much history together!

Sarah Kil said...

so flippin' cute! I love that you guys met in high school. :)

Yesi said...

Highschool is always drama! Look how you guys made it past that! Freakin adorbs <3

shannon said...

SO adorable!
and i feel you on the kids.
pregnancy and birth seem horrifying.

Beth W said...

You look like matched troublemakers. ;)
What a great story, and how lovely to have survived such a period of change together. Yay!