25 January 2013

Dear Friday...

dear this week: thanks for being pretty awesome.  double thanks for delivering me my missing Sephora package, and two of my wedding favors. and my spiffy "future mrs" thank you notes. major props.  dear baby nephew: could you be any cuter? i love you.  dear below freezing temperatures: stop snowing!! we can't shovel it away because it's too cold and i don't want my car to get stuck in my stupid driveway! just stop!  dear fiance:  thanks for pretending to pay attention to yesterday's shopping haul. much love.


&, here's some stuff that has happened lately.
or, things I took pictures of and felt like posting them because let's face it, no life.

so  yeah, it's a little cold outside.

yesterday's shopping haul. minus the six shirts from Old Navy for $18. heck yes clearance rack.

headbands. when you don't wash your hair...

on this day, some old creeper i work with told me my eyes looked awesome.  thanks, creepy old man.

my january glam bag!!!!

my eyes always wig out when a flash is involved

more flowers added to my expanding collection of skin art...

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