26 January 2013

Snuggle Saturday - Embarassment...

So over on my homegirl Sarah's blog, I have noticed this fab little linky.
AND today, we regained internet capabilities at my humble abode.
Which means...
Ya'll are now privy to my most embarrassing moments.
You are welcome.


I am a woman of many embarrassing moments.  Like, a ridiculous amount.  Probably at least once a week I'm doing something to make myself turn beet red and try to hide under a rock or something.  But, as far as lifetime embarrassments go, a lot of the moments of heavy embarrassment happened {as you might imagine} in high school.
Well, because I was a nerdy looking chick with glasses AND braces, and I was in chorus, and I got good grades...and I had hormones that wouldn't stop.
Legit.  I had a crush on every darn boy in sight.  
The guys on my bus, the cute guy in homeroom, the cute football players, the overly hairsprayed mohawked punk boys...they were all fair game to my heart.
clearly a woman of grace and beauty. how could she ever be embarrassed?

Let's begin with the story that earned me my nickname, "Grace".
The year was 2001.  I was 13 {ish}, and we were vacationing {for the weekend} in Niagara Falls with some family friends {read: people my parents were friends with who thought all of us children should be friends too, since we were all around the same age}.  Also, it was the middle of winter.  Also, the hotel had an indoor pool.  Being the age of 13, I was all awkward in a swimsuit {I had c cup boobs in 8th grade. yeah.}  so I didn't swim with my family for very long, and ended up returning to the room with one of the other parents to change and hang out, before going back down to the pool to round up everyone else for dinner.  Because I was the first one to reach the elevator, I would be the one who noticed at got all gawky at the gorgeous pair of guys who climbed out on our floor.  I would also be the one who tried to casually and flirtily get into the elevator...
Only to have my feet slip out from underneath me and end up falling flat on my ass.
My friend Nat and her mom came running..."Oh my goodness we heard a huge noise!" they exclaimed...while holding onto the railing in the elevator car to keep from falling over from their heavy laughter.
Lesson learned.
Never gawk at cute boys when attempting to enter a slippery elevator.

I'll throw in an extra one for ya too.
This one time, in high school, I was walking down the stairs with my friend Jen, and this kid Andy {who I of course had a crush on since the 4th grade}, when suddenly, I tripped and fell.  All the way down the stairs.
If that weren't bad enough, the stairs ended in a doorway that I then smacked my head into.
Again, the people I was with were too busy laughing to assist me in any way.
Sidenote, I am still friends with aforementioned Andy to this day.


Natalie Hinkley said...

ooh two for one! I always did embarrassing stuff around boys I was crushing on, and to this day I fall on my face at least weekly, lol. Thanks so much for linking up with us! :)

Sarah Kil said...

Same! I'm always tripping when I'm trying to act all cool or say something stupid when they're around! :) Thanks for sharing two stories, Traci! :) hahaha

Anonymous said...

Haha!! I am always tripping during the most inapropriate times as well! I have tons of those stories! Thanks for sharing!