28 January 2013

Dear Weston.

{warning: this is going to be disgustingly adorable.}
{i can't help it. i love this man.}

  Hey babe.
I love you.
But I expect you already know that...after all, I do make it a point to tell you.
A lot.  Perhaps one hundred times a day is too often.
But I don't even think it's enough.

I love the way we laugh for ages when we go to bed each night.

I love the way you sneak quietly into the bedroom to give me a kiss goodbye every morning.
I love the way you can talk for hours, about everything and nothing at all.
I love the way you send me silly pictures from work.

I love the way you walk.  Nice butt.
I love the way you put so much effort into your friendships.  Your loyalty is amazing to me.
I love the way you love your daughter.

I love the way you spend more time on your appearance at times than I do.
It's worth it...you're a sexy beast.

I love the way you remind me how pretty you think I am.
I love the way you'll let me keep the Christmas tree up for longer than necessary.
I love the way you call me baby.

I can't wait to share your last name.


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Jessica said...

Awww, this is so sweet! Such a great idea! -Jessica L