04 January 2013

Swap Reveal!

Ok, I'm super late posting this probably...
Holidays are busy.

So remember when I was so excited about the CGSwaps 12 days of Christmas Swap?

I had to sign up for it!  Had to :)
My partner was Beth from Living a Goddess Life
If you don't know about her blog yet, you should go read it now.
{She's awesome, so if you get all wrapped up in her blog, and take awhile to come back to this, it's cool. I still love ya.  Sorta.}
So I stalked her blog, and sent her stuff {none of which I've taken pictures of, because I suck at that shizz} and she loved it all!

And then...
The post office thought my package from her was supposed to go to Philadelphia!  And then apparently Jersey City!
And back and forth that effer bounced until finally...
After Christmas...
It Came!

Yes, it came just the same.
{oh yes, nice Grinch reference eh? i thought so.}

Since I didn't exactly get it in time to open one a day like the people who didn't have their package bounced back and forth by the post office, {sadface} I kind of just went crazy and opened everything all at the same time.  On my tiny couch.  Which proved to be stupid, especially as I was opening at the same time as my stepdaughter, so I forgot to take pictures of everything.  And due to the bouncing around so long with the post office, some of the notes Beth left me to tell which gift was which fell off, so a few things got figured out after the fact.

But everything was awesome!  She got me some funky Christmas jewelry, a lovely handmade necklace, a pretty rose decoration made of wood/bark, a cute gingerbread man soap and loofah, some awesome smelling bath bombs (yay bathtime!!), a really pretty handmade beaded necklace, and bunches of other goodies.  AND a gorgeous dress, that unfortunately does not fit yours truly. {sadface}

Then, just because my package disappeared for awhile, Beth sent me BONUS goodies to make up for it, even though it wasn't her fault in the least!

1 comment:

Beth W said...

YAY! So happy you liked everything! :D
At least you'll get to use and wear the stuff next year, right?
I'm sorry the dress didn't fit! Boosauce. :(
Maybe you can wear it as an apron or something? Hrmm....
Merry belated holidays!