15 March 2013

Dear Friday...

dear doctor's office: an hour is not an acceptable wait time for a fifteen minute appointment.  it's just not.  dear sinuses: please please please don't show any abnormalities!! kind of nervous after getting an x-ray finally...but if abnormalities do show up at least it'll be an answer to why i keep having these headaches and issues.  dear fiance: we're officially under the two month mark...can you believe it?!?! dear friends and family: i am so excited to see so many of you tomorrow at my bridal shower!!

dear readers:
some of you (or probably most of you!) have heard that google is going to be doing away with GFC...so I am inviting all of you to swoop on over to bloglovin' and follow my blog!

1 comment:

Beth W said...

Don't worry- sinus polyps, if you have any, are easy and relative painless to remove. Relatively. And if they help....that's worth it, right?
Here's to hoping it all works out, and soon!