08 March 2013

February Cara Box Swap Reveal!

In case you haven't heard of it, each month the lovely Kaitlyn at Wifessionals puts together a box swap.  This swap is called Cara Box (cara meaning friend), and is a great way to meet some new wonderful bloggers and begin friendships with these wonderful women across the blogosphere!

I was lucky enough to be a part of the February Cara Box swap, and the theme was #clubsexy.  In other words, it was our mission to create a box full of items to create a fun date night for our partners!  And on top of that, Kaitlyn went out of her way to pair us up so that our partners were from the same state (in case any of us were able to meet up for the exchange!)  Unfortunately my meeting will have to be postponed, but t was so much fun to put together a box of goodies for my partner Laura (she's totally awesome by the way. If you haven't checked out her blog do so immediately!!) I filled her box with some goodies to make herself feel sexy (and to invoke thoughts of warmth, after this brutal winter we've had in WNY!), and a great recipe book (because sometimes just making dinner with your guy is the best date!)  You can see her box reveal here.

My box came from the amazing Janna, at Faith, Love, Hope. I was so excited at the unexpected box that turned up at my place of work!  (She sent it via UPS, and my local UPS driver isn't the best, so I make sure the guys in my shipping/receiving department always snag my packages before they are delivered to the wrong address!)  I was so excited to see she'd packed the box full of supplies for what my fiance and I do best - cuddle on the couch for movie night!  She included a super cozy fleece blanket, loads of yummy candy, movie theater popcorn, and best of all - an old Marilyn Monroe movie!!  One I haven't even seen yet!  I have her films Some Like It Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but Janna included The Prince and the Showgirl, and I am soooo thrilled to be able to watch this great old film with my man!!  Thank you so much Janna!!


Jessica.Anahi said...

How sweet! This is such a cute lovely box. And what a great movie choice! I love Marilyn Monroe so I am jealous of the movie!

Stopping by from My so called chaos
XOXO, Jessica from Girl Booklet

Erna Wijaya said...

Aww! So many biscuits,chocolate and candies :D

Erna Wijaya said...

So many biscuits , candies :D