08 March 2013

Men don't make passes...

At girls who wear glasses.

At least that's how the song goes.
I beg to differ.
When I wear glasses, the "sexy secretary" and "naughty librarian" comments just don't stop.
Maybe I'm just that irresistible.

Or maybe it's my new glasses from Firmoo.

I have seen a few Firmoo reviews around blogland now, but I had to try it out for myself.  So when I was contacted to receive a free pair of glasses, I was more than excited to participate.

Two things about me:
1:  I love a good deal.
2:  I am blinder than a damn bat.

These two things led me to Firmoo like a moth to flame.  For one thing, I have horrible vision, so for me, glasses and contacts are a necessity.  And do you know how expensive glasses are?  The last (cheap) pair I got from the Walmart vision center cost me about $100.  I don't know about you, but I do not have the money to shell out for glasses, especially around $100 a pair! And those are just the cheap pairs...the frames alone can cost $200, and lenses are even more expensive.  Even without the amazing offer of a free first pair, Firmoo has great pricing, and there aren't hidden costs.  The price for the glasses is for the FULL pair of glasses.  Not the frames alone, leaving you to still spend an ungodly amount on the lenses.

Firmoo's easy to use website also allows you to "try on" glasses by simply uploading your picture to the site, to see if the frames suit your face or not.  Personally, I was too lazy to utilize this feature, but the sample image was of a woman with a similar face shape so I "tried" the glasses on her first, and decided that I liked them enough to choose them.

The other thing that really stood out to me on Firmoo's site, was that I was able to choose two different pupillary distances when inputting my prescription information.  I have a lazy eye, so my two pupils aren't in the same location in both of my eyes.  Coastal.com also has a first pair free deal going on, but their site doesn't allow for this distinction!

After placing my order, I was excited and pleased to find my glasses had arrived within a week!  And not only did I get glasses, the package included a hard eyeglass case with a cleaning cloth, a soft case, and a packet of tools to fix a loose glasses screw.  

Are you interested in getting a new pair of glasses?  Check out Firmoo's first pair free program!  I know I'll be back for more pairs soon!

*these glasses were provided at no charge, for a product review on my blog.  all of these opinions stated are my own. 


Beth W said...

Yay! I loved their virtual try-on...it's convinced me that when my eyes go, I need to get contacts. ;)

Lauren said...

Finding you from My So-Called Chaos!! Following you Too!!

Aubrey S. said...

I really need to get my eyes checked my prescription updated so I can get a fun pair from Firmoo. Your new frames are cute!

Breenah said...

You chose a great pair, they look fab on you!
Came over from My So-Called Chaos :D