14 April 2012

Every mile, a memory.

Hey bro.

I miss you. But you probably already knew that.  I could say that only the good die young, but it’s a bit cliché at this point.  But it’s true.

How’s it up there in Heaven?  I hope you get to go golfing every day.  And snowboarding.  Oh! And I bet you can do all sorts of awesome tricks on your crotch rocket up there too, can’t you?  Especially since you’ll only fall into clouds if you do fall. 


The Sabres didn’t make it to the playoffs again.  They were neck in neck with the Capitols, but of course they screwed it up at the last minute, like all the Buffalo teams do.  

We went out to dinner with your parents and my dad on Wednesday, for his birthday and their anniversary.  It was you that made it snow that day, didn’t you?  Just because you could.

Oh, and Weston and I are getting hitched finally.  It sucks that you’ll miss out on that bachelor party.  With my brothers as some of the groomsmen, it’s sure to be an awesome spectacle.

I love you.
I miss you.
I hope you’re having fun.


On February 14, 2012, my brother in law Paul lost his battle with cancer.
What he went through was horrible, painful, and something I would not wish on my greatest enemy.
But every day, he had a smile on his face and a joke.  
Every day, we lived with Hope.
Every day, we prayed a little harder, even when Hope moved further and further away.

Take time to tell the people you love, that you love them.
Make sure you take time to hug those closest to you, because you never know what moment with them will be your last.
You never know what tomorrow is going to bring.
You never know which "i love you" will mean the most.


.E. said...

You have me in tears over here... I am sorry I wont get to meet him personally.. but I have a feeling he makes his presence known all the time. I am sorry for your families loss. ( hugs )

LolitaRose said...

I think I typed and deleted this post at least ten times before just deciding to put it up. The rest of the world deserves to know how awesome he was <3

sophistifunk said...

ugh, i'm so sorry. my dad passed away of cancer on january 22, 2012...a big f u to cancer!

LolitaRose said...

Cancer is definitely a horrible thing to have to go through. I'm so sorry you lost your dad :/