13 April 2012

Featured: VibrantShadows

  Jordan from VibrantShadows is one of my favorite Etsians.  She's totally adorable and so nice too!  And her art will knock your socks off!

Jordan specializes in papercuttings, which means each thing in her shop is actually painstakingly cut out by hand by Jordan herself!  And, perfect for my upcoming nuptials, or if perhaps you're going to a wedding this summer, she's just added a line of custom wedding cutouts and bridal gown cutouts!

Wedding Shoes

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Definitely the ability to stop time, as long as it's not stopped for me and I can move things around. Alarm clock goes off and you're feeling particularly sleepy? Stop time, sleep until you're rested, start time again and get ready for work. Could be used for good - stop time, pull someone drowning from the water, catch a falling baby, get someone to a hospital in an instant. It would be fantastic for playing practical jokes... move things around right in front of someone's eyes, switch which hand they are holding something in, etc. Haha. However - I would have to be careful because I couldn't be sure if my body would age or not while time is stopped for everyone else. Much thought has gone into this. Haha.
Peace PaperCutting

What is the most inspiring advice you've ever received, or want to give?

Hmmm, I have gotten a lot of great advice in my life, but the thing that stands out the most to me is actually a quote. "Live like no one else will, and later you'll live like no one else can." - Dave Ramsey. Work hard in your life and never give up and you'll earn yourself a great life. I'm not a great advice-giver, but that one really touches my heart.

Zombie Arm

What is your favorite thing about selling on Etsy?

I love the feel of it. Every customer comes to Etsy for their own reasons... but for me, it's a place where no matter what it is that I can't find anywhere else, I know I will find it on Etsy. It's a place to shop local, to support the little guy in their quest to make something of themselves and a place to bring joy to others just by doing what you love to do. It's wonderful.

Piano Keys

If you were represented by a color instead of a name, what color would you be and why?

Yellow! It's bright and happy, strong and bright, it stands out from the rest and it's a building block helping other colors come into being!

Starry Night

Of all of your artwork, which one has been your favorite to create?

Definitely my large interpretation of Van Gogh's Starry Night. It's huge and took many, many, many hours to finish. It was so intimidating... what would I do if my knife slipped and ruined it when I was 40 hours in? Or 60 hours in? Or at the last finishing moment? It was very tedious and stressful... but when it was finished, it was breathtaking. Even to me, who stares at these things every day, haha. I love it.

So, how BLOWN is your mind?  That Starry Night she cut out?  Holy Macaroni.  Amaziiiing. 
And these are only a few of the wonderful pieces of art she has in her shop.  Jordan, thank you so much for the chance to feature your incredible art.  Much much love!

You can find Jordan here:


Jordan said...

Thank you for the wonderful feature!!

Frenchie said...

What a great feature!

I have several of Jordan's pieces and I have to say that photos really don't do them justice at all!

Not to mention she's the sweetest person to work with~ :)