08 May 2012

No bueno.

I am sick.

Clearly I'm super attractive when I'm ill. Hahhhh.

Well, as some of you know, I have chronic migraines, so I'm "sick" half of the time anyways.  But as of Sunday, I woke up feeling icky (I think mostly from indulging myself for Cinco de Mayo...thanks for bringing the tequila loaded drinks little sister), but after a few hours I realized I was pretty congested and sneezing a lot.  I took some cold medicine before bed, as by that point I realized it was getting worse.  By Monday morning, after a really fitful night's sleep  (I think I was waking up every hour, hour and a half...ughhh), I could only breathe out of one nostril (EW) and when I took a shower, I realized that even the lymph nodes under my arms were swollen and hurt.

The last time I was sick enough that those lymph nodes were swollen was in High School when I had mono.
Needless to say, I called my doctor's office as soon as they opened and was able to be seen that afternoon.  He gave me a hardcore antibiotic, for my sinus infection (well, now I know why I was so congested!), and I had to have bloodwork done to check for mono.

After that, I went home, laid curled up on my couch with the second Hunger Games book, and ate chicken noodle soup.

Today, my entire body is still sore.  I can feel the swollen lymph nodes in my arms again, and my neck...if this is all just from my sinus infection it's the worst I've ever had!!  Luckily, I have my laptop so I am again ensconced in the warmth of my horrible old mustard and olive floral couch.  And thanks to someone, I have no shortage of delicious teas to sip on to try to soothe my throat :)

View from my "nest"...Catching Fire & Mockingjay; Passionfruit tea in a mug from Etsy, used tissues, a nearly empty water bottle, & season 2 of Friends on TV.
I'm hoping to hear from the doctor's office today to find out if I have mono or not...fingers crossed that it's not mono!!!  It's really boring being stuck at home and feeling crappy :/


.E. said...

feel better soon Traci.

Samantha King said...

Poor you, I hope you feel better soon. Swollen nodes in the armpit and neck are really not fun :( I feel for you! I love, love, love that mug, by the way!