06 May 2012

Some truths & goals.

I've decided to start creating goals for myself each week.
I've never been good at sticking with something long enough to reach a goal, but I feel like now is a great time to start.  So I'll be sharing this journey into making & reaching goals with you.  Because I'll probably need encouragement.  <3

This week's goals:
{make something new each day}
{keep track of my spending this week by writing down everything I purchase}
{eat fresh fruit at least 3 times this week}
{finish one cup of yogurt this week}

Ok, so the food ones are kind of weird, but I have fallen into some poor eating habits and I'm trying to relearn how to eat healthily.  I know from experience that I can't go all cold turkey on not eating junky food, so I'm trying to add something good in place of something bad each week, until the good stuff is more common than the bad.  And I despise yogurt.  The taste and texture...ughhh.  Seriously, every time I eat it I make a face like a baby eating peas or something.  But, I don't get enough stuff with calcium because I also refuse to drink milk, so yogurt it is. 

By the way, does anyone else ever think about how weird it is that we drink cow (or goat or whatever) milk?  I mean, milk is produced for offspring.  We wean babies off of breast milk after a few months.  Shouldn't people be drinking milk from the same animal at least?
Um. That got creepy. My bad.


{I am terrified of becoming a stepmother}
I don't know why.  For all intents and purposes, I've been her stepmom for 3 years.  But I'm still scared that somehow it's going to be totally different in ways I don't yet know.

{I've been in love with my fiance since I was 14}
Seriously.  I didn't know it was love when I was 14.  But when we re-met, and everything clicked so perfectly, and it all felt like we were picking back up where we left things back then...I knew it to be true.  He's always been The One. And that's never going to change.

{I am a compulsive shopper}
It's funny to joke about being a shopaholic, but I've come to realize over the last few months that I seriously have a problem.  There is literally not a DAY in the last couple of weeks that I haven't made some sort of purchase.  Whether it's a morning coffee, or lunch, or a new shirt, something from Etsy...
But now that I realize that it is really an actual compulsive need of mine, I'm working on controlling it.  I do not want to end up on an episode of Hoarders someday.

{My tattoos make me feel beautiful}
Although sometimes it absolutely confuses me and weirds me out when someone compliments me on them.  I kind of forget they're there, they're such a part of who I am.  (Plus sometimes people randomly touch them. Not. Cool)

Happy Sunday.

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