16 May 2012

Real women have curves.


Real women come in different shapes and sizes.
Not all women were built to be a size 14 or more, just as not all women were built to be a size 0.
Skinny isn't bad.
Chubby isn't bad.

Real women are healthy.
It's not about your jean size.
It's about how you feel when you wake up in the morning.
It's about learning to love yourself for who you are, not who you think others want you to be.
It's about learning to have confidence in yourself.

Real women are confident.
Size 20, size 2 - if you're insecure, it shows through.
A woman can be ugly at a size two, and beautiful at a size 20.
It's about attitude.
You can wear all the makeup and expensive clothes in the world, it doesn't cover up ugliness inside.
Be kind.  Inner beauty always shows through.


Sometimes, I'm not too sure where my sudden passion comes from.
One day, I'm walking around all complacent and content with everything.
The next, I realize it's time to stand up and say something.

I'm not a size two.  Or a size 6, or even a 12.
I'm a size 14. (Except in my special pants.)
I'm often too large to fit in XL shirts in my favorite stores.
I'm too small to fit into plus sized clothing.
I'm stuck in the world of in-between.

I am Beautiful.
I can say this with with conviction, because I know it to be true.
It's not because of my makeup, or expensive clothes (let's face it, I'm a label whore).
It's not because I've been blessed with a really great complexion, and my hair stylist is amazing.

It's because I have confidence in myself.
It's because I do my best every day to banish negativity from my life.
It's because I try every day to do something nice for someone else.
It's because I truly love myself, and who I am.
Getting there was a long and hard road, and I wouldn't change it for anything.
Every single step along the way, good and bad, have made me into who I am today.

My fiance's constant reassurances that I'm perfect don't hurt either ;-)

I know I'm not *actually* perfect.
I have many flaws.
I'm not always the nicest, most positive person in the world.

But I try to be.
I know that my voice alone can't change the world.

But if one simple thing that I post on the internet, helps one person who might be struggling with their self image, and their self esteem, then I have done my job as a human being to help someone else.
Making a difference can be as small as a smile.

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Stephanie H. said...

Love, love, love this post! I hope to be as confident as you are in this. I'm getting there and doing all I can to weed out negative thinking and influences so I too can be confident in who I am.