28 June 2012

I be up in the gym...

Just workin' on my fitness.
{but really}

Ok, I have no gym.  Well, there is like a workout room where I work but after work it's always got boys in it...so I don't really want to use it.  Yet.  (although I'll be singin a different tune when it's cold out and I can't utilize the outdoors anymore).

So the day I decided to drop a few pounds (really, it's mostly because I cannot stand my boobs anymore.  I think they're starting to grow out of my bras again...I'm already a friggin' 38DDD. Yeah, TRIPLE D.  Epic, yes. Comfortable? No.) I found this website that's supposed to have the best and most supportive workout bras especially for well endowed ladies.  Apparently, well endowed only goes up to DD.  Which means, I have to lose boobs to fit into appropriate workout bras.

Seriously, who knew having epic boobs would create such problems?
I shared my newfound interest in slimming down a bit with my amazingly wonderful fiance.  You know what he said?  "Babe, I really think you're absolutely beautiful just the way you are.  But if you want to lose weight, I think you should do whatever you need to do." And I told him my hopes of dropping a cup size (or two) and that if losing weight doesn't help with that, I really want to get a breast reduction (which is the first time I've said that out loud by the way), and he said "As much as I'm a fan of your boobs, if you really want to get the surgery I totally support you, and I've told you before that since you complain about migraines and back pain so much it was worth looking into, to see if making them smaller would help with that."
Best. Fiance. EVER.
{Is it any wonder that I refused to wait for him to propose? I had to have him.}

So thus far on my "weight loss journey":
I haven't weighed myself.
I have taken several walks, without wearing my pedometer.
I have eaten yogurt, salad, fruit...
and a chicken finger wrap, as well as french fries, crescent rolls, and pierogies.

I am bad at this.
My legs hurt today - a sure sign that walking is starting to work!
I haven't eaten after 7pm.
I have limited my snacks & avoided the vending machine at work entirely.

I have found a bunch of helpful information via Pintrest, as well as low fat recipes and the like.  I found a mini workout routine that you're supposed to do right when you wake up - and haven't managed to roll myself out of bed early enough for it since I found it Monday.  I may just do it after work today, as well as my walk.  That way I'm at least doing it, even if it's a different time!
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