29 June 2012

Dear Friday:

Lobsters. It's a FRIENDS reference. Look it up <3
dear self: i'm pretty pissed at you right now. we can be friends again later, but right now, you suck. a lot.  dear fiance: i had fun last night.  i wish we were on more of a similar schedule so we could hang out like that all the time.  dear morning: everyone keeps trying to convince me that you don't suck, and that i'll be a morning person eventually.  i think they're lying. dear work: be over soon ok? i have an appointment for a nap on my couch... dear mouse living in my garage: i haven't seen you yet, which is good because i'd probably have a fit of hysterics.  but if you could please move yourself out of my garage, i'd probably not try to kill you anymore. just go away. (and please don't leave your family there either!) dear laundry: i'm sorry i've left so much of you dirty...but since i have to walk through the garage to wash you...it might be awhile.  dear maybelline: seriously, why is it that i fall in love with a delightful red nail polish of yours, and decide that's what i want my bridesmaids to wear for the wedding...and now it's nowhere to be found (including online at Target)?  dear vacation: i wish i could take one. ever.

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Mrs_V820 said...

I found your from the link up with Ashley! (:

Eeeww I wouldn't want to do laundry in the garage with a mouse either. We have cockroaches in the garage (when my washer and dryer are) and I HATE it!

Happy weekend!

★ JASMINE ★ said...

Loves the letters today hun!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a fab day!


Michelle said...

All the coffee in the world wont make me a morning person so dont worry your not alone!