30 June 2012

A winner, some stuff, and some other stuff...

So it appears that there's going to be a lot going on in this post.
Firstly, today I shall announce the winner of my $25 shop credit!

The winner is
{drumroll please...}

Fyi, Elyse is totally amazeballs, and was my secret sender in the Send Something Good project.
No, that's not how she got chosen.
I used a number generator.
Hers was the comment that corresponded with the number.

Thank you to everyone who left really lovely comments on my last post.
I posted because I was really feeling in a low place, and it really came from my heart to post about my weight and stuff (which i usually ignore), so it was really nice to have some really nice positive feedback on that.  Plus, my fiance left a comment and it made me smile bigger than the Cheshire cat :)

I got our engagement pictures back last night!!
Our most excellent photographer Liz gave me the CD's on Friday afternoon, and oh my sweet sharon, they are to die for.  Seriously. Every. Single. Photo. is perfect.  It's really sweet, that in half of them I'm staring lovingly at my man.  Or kind of sappy, but I feel like I could never get sick of looking at him, so that's gotta be a grand thing...right?  Yeah. Thought so.

Dusk, on a walkway near the Peace Bridge. Love these lights.

Standing on top of a stone bridge thing at Delaware Park.

Again, Delaware Park.

1 comment:

Elyse Alexandria said...

Vahoo!! Yay! I feel so special and lucky!! Wait, shoot, that means I have to pick out only one thing....hmm. This might be a lengthy process. I don't know if you remember my comment, but I my list of the things I wanted from your shop kind of went on and on. I only stopped out of time constraints.

Also, your pictures are SO adorable!! I love love LOVE the first one!

Also also, love your blog redesign. I'm am jealous. How did you make all that stuff? It's super cute.

Okay, one more also, I'm so happy you have a blog button! I put it on my blog. Haha, now I have two whole sponsors! (Well, swapped sponsors).

You're quite awesome. The end.