16 August 2012

Being an Evil Stepmother. Part two.

Some moments in step-parenting (or, ok, almost step-parenting...still have a few months before that title of "stepmom" is officially mine [the day before mother's day next year, actually!]) are awesome.  Some moments are less than awesome.  Sometimes you think you're the shit...and then get hit with one of these:

The first time you hear the words:
"You're not my mom."

Seriously, talk about heartbreaking.
Clearly, oh dear child, I'm not your mom.  I very clearly recall not pushing out out my vagina.  Thanks for the reminder.  Lack of DNA, however, does not mean a lack of love.
Girl, I've brushed & braided your hair, made you breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks, read to you, tucked you in at night, given you baths, watched you cry at the end of Pete's Dragon, given you approximately eighteen million hugs...
No, I'm not your mother.
But I will never stop loving and protecting you like you were my own.

Then there are the awesome times. Like this:

The first time you hear the words:
"I love you."

Probably the most precious moment of my entire life.  Even including the first time my fiance and I shared those words.  The thing with children?  They totally see through your bull. They can tell if you actually like them or not, or when you're lying (most of the time).  To gain a child's trust, respect, and love?  That's amazing.
I don't know if we'd even done anything significant that day...probably just hung out and maybe played a board game, but when we were dropping her back off to her mom, after her obligatory hug goodbye, I got those precious three words.  Best. Thing. Ever.


Jamie Hunter said...

That's adorable and can be hard for a lot of people to take on the role of a stepmom..but sounds like she is one lucky girl to have so may people that love her :)

Andrea @ Love is... said...

Aw, I love how the I love you came about. So sweet!