14 September 2012

Dearest Friday...

I am well aware that I've {probably} posted this one before...but I love it and it makes me happy and it's me an my fiance who I just keep loving a bit more every day {especially this past week that has been not so easy} so I am subjecting you all to it again.  Deal with it and pretend it's the cutest thing you've ever seen.  Kay?  Thanks.

dear baby nephew: as i type this, you still aren't born yet.  i cannot wait to meet your precious little face, and i hope you're not giving your mama too hard of a time.  i love you so much already.  dear scrapbooking: holy shinola i can't believe how long i slacked off on you.  these classes i've been taking with my sister have been heavenly for inspiring my creativity, and i can't wait to go to class tonight {and hopefully show off a newborn nephew picture to boot!}  dear fiance: oh hey bay-bay.  you know that thing you do when i'm all upset and you hold me close and call me wifey?  yeah. thank you for reminding me of all the good stuff. i love you so much, it's kind of redonk.  dear walking dead: why do you have to start in october?  and why do i need the satellite dish to watch you?  jerks.  dear enormous headache: please please please go away so i can enjoy my weekend.

dear readers: i owe you a giveaway.  i've been slacking because i felt so slighted on my birthday {spoiled little brat, i knowwwwww}, but also because i couldn't think of what i want to giveaway.  have no fear, it's coming.  or be afraid.  idk, maybe it'll be spooky or something...

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Heather Marie said...

Ah a new nephew! Congrats that will be very fun.

Nicholl Vincent said...

can't wait til you have your nephew! best feeling ever!

Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! :)

Lilo said...

he's here he's here he's hereeeeeee.
Fellow Auntie, Lilo

SimplyHeather said...

Aww a new nephew? how cute!! and happy belated birthday. Can't wait to see what the giveaway is! Something spooky would be awesome for Halloween!


Brit said...

I think it is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Great picture. ;)

Loved your letters! Hope your headache goes away, or is already gone, stupid headaches, don't they know they aren't welcome in our lives.....like EVER! :) have a good weekend!