21 September 2012

friday's letters...{of remembrance}

dear fiance:  thank you for surprising me with real florist flowers last friday.  they're beautiful.  and sorry for being so astonished i didn't thank you properly.  dear newborn nephew:  i love you so much already.  really.  you're adorable and wrinkly and the cutest thing i have ever seen.  i can't wait to watch you grow up.  dear sister:  sorry i've been sick and haven't been able to visit.  dear other sister:  so excited to see you tonight!  dear mom: sorry you got nothing accomplished while dad was off on a hunting trip.

dear paul: tomorrow would have been your 25th birthday.  if things had gone the way they were supposed to, you and nanci would have been celebrating in florida.  you'd be in your second year of school, and she'd be doing her nursing thing down there.  we'd all miss you guys, but we'd know we could visit any time.  even if you'd had cancer, and had to stay here...but had actually gone into remission, we'd be up here, probably having a camp fire. drinking. corn hole.  nothing can ever bring you back to us. and we miss you every day.  and i hope wherever you are now, you are at peace.

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