24 September 2012

something incredibly sappy.

This is my fiance.

These are a bunch of random reasons why I love him.

-He never looks the same.
beard, mohawk, no facial hair, trucker 'stashe, emo bangs, blue hair...he's constantly shakin' things up.  (i on the other hand, have basically looked the same since high school.)

-He talks a LOT.
like, a lot a lot.  he never shuts up.  i love that he's always got something to say, even when i don't always have an interest in what he's going on about.

-He's tremendously loyal.
to the point of ridiculousness.  i have no problem cutting people out of my life when they've wronged me, but this guy... seriously, once you're his friend, you're his friend til the end.

-He puts others ahead of himself.
yeah, he can be selfish (can't we all?), but he's always thinking about other people.  wanting to make sure he stops to say goodbye to every single person at an event even if we're running late for something else...eating probably the most boring food ever night after night because it's what i want to eat for dinner...remembering that a friend likes a certain thing and buying it randomly for them...

-He's a musical genius.
well, to a point i guess. he hasn't picked up his guitar in ages.  but he always knows who sings that song, and he always knows lyrics.  and he always knows the best song for whatever situation.

{i'm posting this because i just found out he actually reads my blog.  and this is just a little snippet of the zillions of reasons i fall in love with him again every single day.  yeah, sappy. whateverrrr.}

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